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foster city. a woman died at the scene. accident. chp was called out at 3:30 this morning when this accident was reported. two cars were involved. the person was found unconscious in one of the vehicles and was pronounced dead at the scene. let's show you maps of where this is. west 92 towards foster city. there are a few delays approaching the area. that right lane access is shut down. they hope it clear it within a half hour. maybe 45 minutes. we'll keep you updated. use an at national. despite construction across both directions of the dumbarton bridge, it's a better choice. across the bay use the bay bridge, as well. so far no other accidents to report. in fact, here's a live look at the bay bridge and you can see
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traffic moving okay into san francisco. no delays there right now. and a check on the south bay right now, so far, so good northbound 101, 280 also looking good as well as guadalupe parkway. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. developing news from the southland where cal state fullerton will have classes again today. the campus was locked down for eight hours after a suspect ran to the school following a police chase. the suspect was never found but the lockdown was lifted just before midnight. they were wanted for robbery and shooting from a jewelry store chased through three counties before crashing near the fullerton campus. three suspects were arrested, two still at large. one of them ran into a baseball diamond where the los angeles police chief was at a toy giveaway. that suspect brought dozens of officers there and he surrendered as you can see here. there are some things you should not post online, a lot of stuff. this is one of them. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth wenger is in san francisco with the
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story of a video that has a police sergeant in hot water. >> reporter: it should be interesting to see what happens next. yeah, the biggest question is why? it's pretty astonishing video. it was taken in broad daylight so you think that's the time when typically a lot of cars, a lot of traffic here at the broadway tunnel. and so the driver started here ee here at larkin and gunned it through the tunnel to chinatown. here's the video. [ engine revs ] >> reporter: it was posted on sergeant carl t's facebook page and was first obtained by sfist. it was seen in the broadway tunnel in a matter of seconds. there is no way to identify who was driving but in the comments section of the facebook page, he even bragged, we were all drunk. folks we showed the video to
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were shocked but others say since there were no other drivers around, no harm no foul. >> is he going to lose his dog in that's very reckless. >> took advantage because he was a cop. >> probably want to do it differently or not at all. >> reporter: we should note the officer involved is now completely changing his story. told a weekly newspaper that he wasn't driving and wasn't going 100 miles per hour and that whole drunk comment, well, that was simply a joke. so the facebook posting, the video, has been deleted. in fact, he took down his entire facebook page. needless to say the san francisco police department when we contacted them say they are investigating the matter. frank, michelle, back to you. >> i bet they are. facebook never lies. liz, nice job. new this morning, a cyclist rescued from under a street sweeping vehicle in san francisco. the man on his bike collided with the cleaning truck around midnight at 6th and brannan
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streets. the cyclist was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. the oakland police department avoids a federal takeover. instead a compliance director is going to keep track of reforms in the department. that person will help opd implement reforms required by the settlement of a 12-year-old civil rights lawsuit. 5:04 now. four suspects faced a judge in an attack that left two people bound and gagged and dumped on a san francisco street over the weekend. yesterday two men and women pleaded not guilty. two men barged into the home, beat steven reed and audrey prado, tied them up and left them on a street in san francisco. reed died from a gunshot wound to the neck. prado is in the hospital now recovering. >> they were overpowered and whether it was done to send a message, whether it was done to facilitate the beating and
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shooting is still not clear. >> the suspects apparently used various aliases including pocahontas, snow and killer. governor jerry brown has a personal battle. the 74-year-old was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington reports. >> reporter: the word cancer sounds scary but doctors say governor brown's was caught early. he is battling early stage prostate cancer. in 2011 he had a procedure to remove some skin cancer from his nose also back in 2008 he had a small spot removed from his ear. he is undergoing radiation and will keep his full work schedule. doctors say the cancer has not spread and it should be easy to
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treat with no serious side effects. >> most people that have this are in 60s, 70s or 80s. he will do better in terms of his energy level throughout the whole process since he is otherwise in good health. >> reporter: the governor will receive daily radiation treatments at usf for 10 minutes and it should be complete in early january. >> are you ready for winter? >> no. i wake out and boom it's chilly. >> cold air is in place. yesterday cold showers and all that air moved out from the gulf of alaska. a chilly start to the day. really another cool day on tap outside. mostly clear out over the bay
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but these temperatures way down inland. 35 degrees right now in concord hovering just above freezing at 33 in santa rosa and even 39 degrees in san jose. so we're going to have a cool start to the day and by this afternoon, staying cool, only in the 50s outside a little breeze at the coastline will make it feel cool but there's more rain on the way. in fact, storms beginning to line up again. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks. we are learning more the about the gunman in the portland mall shooting. friends say 22-year-old jacob roberts was friendly but lived a tough life. roberts killed two people, injured another, during a shooting spree at a mall up in portland on tuesday. he then turned the gun on himself. his mother expressed shock and grief through a friend. >> she is very sad, wants everyone to know that she's so sorry what jake did and that it is so out of his character.
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>> we are also learning more about the victims 45-year-old steven forsyth ran a business at the mall, 54-year-old cindy yuille was a nurse, a hospice nurse, and 15-year-old kristina shevchenko is said to be recovering well now in a portland hospital. the shooter didn't know his victims. a top russian official says it looks like syria's president is on the way out. the deputy foreign minister said today that syrian president bashar assad is facing a likely defeat. he is calling for a compromise as rebels trying to oust assad are getting closer to the capital in damascus. suicide is confirmed in the death of a nurse who fell for a break involve every involving the duchess of cambridge while she was -- who fell for a prank involving the duchess of cambridge when she was a nurse. the british nurse was found hanging in her room and three suicide notes were there. it looks like authorities
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down in belize will not get to question john mcafee anytime soon because the antivirus software founder is back home in the united states. he flew into florida today arriving in miami international airport actually yesterday evening after being kicked out of guatemala for entering the country illegally. he had snuck in to dodge belize police who want to question him about his neighbor's murder. >> it was a very tricky negotiation getting out of guatemala. they wanted to return me it belize. the problem was that police in guatemala are going to be signing a peace accord next year. belize demanded my return. >> no one knows where he went after leaving the airport or what he plans to do next. my guess is well hear from him again. >> i don't think this is over yet. time now is 5:10. coming up, it's a golden road trip for the warriors. >> plus, it's being called a stunning
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success. >> the bay area school redefining bilingual education. great story coming up. >> and ever wonder what really happens during the commercial breaks? this sacramento anchor decided to let it loose. ♪ [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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its amazing what a group of we have a fatal accident on the san mateo bridge. let's go to gianna for the details. >> we have a news crew on scene now bringing you our first live pictures of this accident. this is the westbound side of the san mateo bridge just as you work your way towards foster city. now this is a two-car crash around 2:30 this morning. chp was called to the accident. one person in the vehicle has died at the scene. we are learning that it is a woman who is now dead. one lane shut down as a result. chp says at least until 6:00. at first they were hoping 5:30 for all lanes to open but again that right lane will be shut down now at least until 6:00. as you can see in our live picture, it is a very active scene. fire crews are still there. the coroner has been called out. the investigation is under way. and again, two cars were
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involved in this accident. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. let's jump to the san mateo bridge. this view is east side towards the flats section. doesn't look like much of a backup. but closer to the accident you will start to see some brake lights. you can get across the bay by using the bay bridge. that's a good choice. traffic not too bad. clear towards the toll plaza. also the dumbarton bridge would be a good alternate, as well. jumping to our maps right now, we have construction across the dumbarton bridge. there are no delays right now. looks like you're clocking in decent speeds as you work your way across the span. 237 will get you between 880 and 101. so again that fatal accident on the san mateo bridge hoping to have everything wrapped up at least by 6:00. but again as those delays build, these alternates are your best bet right now. the rest of the bay area checking in problem-free. you can see south bay here no delays along 101, 280 looks good, as well. we are seeing nice conditions
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as well along 880 itself. northbound you're clear. southbound also clear all the way towards hayward. that's the a look at traffic. let's check your forecast with lawrence. >> a little frosty outside if you are heading out the door. some very cold temperatures overnight. some places freezing so you're going to see some frost especially some of the valleys early on. that cold front moves through yesterday bringing some cold showers and left behind plenty of that cold air from the gulf of alaska. that's what we're seeing outside. mostly clear skies right now. but some very chilly temperatures to begin with. this afternoon should be mostly sunny but still staying cool but there are more storms coming. in fact, we are heading into an active pattern once again with more rain on the way. grab pay jacket, 35 in concord, 34 livermore, 33 degrees in santa rosa so grab a jacket. cold start to the day and cool into the afternoon. another storm off the coastline that's going to sweep just
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along the coast. could bring another chance of rain as early as tomorrow. high country 30s and 40s, 50s in the valley with fog. tomorrow looks like showers will skirt at least along the coastline. and then it moves on by. so this is kind of a near miss as it moves on across the bay area not a whole lot of rain with it. but more rain especially late on saturday now and into sunday. 54 milpitas, 55 san jose, east bay numbers up in the 40s mostly sunny skies this afternoon. inside the bay 50s for everybody and north bay as well going to keep those temperatures very cool. a chance of some showers mainly near the coastline maybe just inside the bay for friday. and then on saturday, i think a chance of rain late in the day. rain becoming likely overnight saturday night into sunday. and a series of storms lining up as we are going to keep
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things unsettled and wet through the middle of next week. it's amazing what a group of determined parents can accomplish. >> some folks in alameda county wanted a bilingual public school for the kids but the problem was, there just weren't any. so instead of complaining, these parents took action and founded the yu ming charter school. it's this week's "cool school." tucked away in the heart of oakland amongst the hustle and bustle of chinatown, something special is brewing. >> no english in classes. >> reporter: two years old the school is already 150-plus students strong children from all over alameda county immersed in mandarin chinese all day long. and how do you say i love the yu ming school? [ non-english language ] >> reporter: it means nurturing the future. it was the brainchild of nine parents that all wanted their
5:18 am
kids to be bilingual. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the children speak english only 10% of each day. the rest of their studies all chinese. >> it's amazing. you see these kids, you know, half of whom have no mandarin exposure and by now three months into school and they are already speaking mandarin, they are reading some perhaps, trying to write characters. it's incredible. >> reporter: yu ming features k- 2 but plans to go k-8 over the next six years. a waiting list will be settled with a spring lottery. some visiting parents were impressed. >> i think that it's great to know two languages. i think we're at a disadvantage as americans who primarily speak only one languages. >> reporter: this is one of the 7 teachers. >> amazing, yes. when they come, maybe they don't have mandarin background but now they can make up a story in mandarin like amazing yeah i would say. >> reporter: what is it about
5:19 am
this school that you love? >> recess! [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, they are kids, after all. yu ming, this week's -- > [ non-english language ] >> cool school! whoo! >> there we go. we gave it in mandarin and english. the kids are just amazing how quickly they just kind of absorb it. >> they're amazing. so you learned how though say "cool school" in mandarin? >> i heard it. i can't say it. and it's a bonus, too. the school is free, it's a public school but very popular. there is a lottery to get in and a big thank you to one of the cofounders. her daughter petra goes to the school and is now actually teachin her parents and brother how to speak mandarin back home. >> that's amazing. it's a difficult language. >> it is. doing some great things. when you're young i guess you can do it all. what's cool about your school? submit your nomination to our website, and we may feature school on
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the program down the road. so check it out. >> great story. 5:20. coming up, this is no fish tale. pictures of a massive trout pulled from lake tahoe. >> ha. want to see that. plus how golden state slipped past miami in the final seconds of the game on that bucket right there. we got it coming up. >> we are catching a break from all the stormy weather. if you head into the high country to enjoy fresh powder, looking good. boreal 9 "of snow more over the weekend, bring your chains. sugar bowl 8" of new snow 63" on the ground already and mammoth mountain no new snow but plenty of powder already and light snow over the weekend. more on your weather when we come back. ,,
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good morning. here's a live look at conditions at the san mateo bridge right now. we are monitoring a deadly accident. one person has died at the scene in this two-car crash. the right lane is closed until further notice. dumbarton bridge is a great alternate right now. we'll have more details on this in just a few minutes. thank you. 5:24 now. the nba champion miami heat knew the golden state warriors were going to give them of a
5:24 am
tough game, undefeated on this road trip. miami's lebron james got crowned by david lee's flagrant foul. he had a game-high 31. stephen curry held to nine points but kept the warriors in it to the end. here's how she finished. >> 7 seconds of the game, down to 5, down to 3... green with nine-tenths left! >> how about that! our play of the day jared jackson to green for the win. the warriors over miami 97-95 on that last bucket with a .9 second to go. they are looking good. talk about a great catch. this is a gigantic trout and it was caught up at lake tahoe. >> this is huge. the fish was 42" long and 28
5:25 am
pounds. gene st. denis made the catch on the southeast shore of the lake. it was an amazing moment to share with his father. [ music ] there you go. call it commercial break dancing. this video of coanchor tina ewing at fox40 in sacramento has gone viral. she didn't know she was being recorded while dancing to beyonce during a commercial break and she uploaded it to youtube to show it to her family. she joins the ranks of dancing anchors but unlike them she gets down at 4 a.m. >> pretty good. >> i watched that video the other day, yesterday. >> is there a camera on us as we are getting here at 4 a.m.? >> we would be in trouble. [ laughter ] 5:26. say good-bye to one of the most annoying things about watching tv. >> yeah. what's different about
5:26 am
commercials starting today? we'll fill you in. >> and robbery chase locks down a cal state campus for hours. why one of the suspects chose the wrong place to run. >> and is it a prank or is it a crime? a video posted on facebook appears to show a san francisco cop on a drunk joyride. you will want to check out the video for yourself coming up. ,,,, [ male announcer ] there's chicken and there's juicy chicken best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a bay area cop on a joyride speeding through a tunnel at 100 miles an hour. >> is he going to lose his job? that's reckless. >> that officer is changing his tune. >> student at csu fullerton have been on lockdown for hours as police comb the campus for
5:30 am
an armed robbery suspect. >> i heard bang, bang, bang. >> new clues about the gunman in the deadly oregon mall shooting. >> i think we all need to be thankful that this incident wasn't much worse. >> the clock is ticking to reach a deal. >> okay that "fiscal cliff." >> i think it will be difficult to get it done before christmas. >> the president and i had frank conversations about how far apart we are. >> i'm slowed down a little bit but i have to tell you i ran three miles in 29 minutes. >> governor brown reveals he is battling prostate cancer. >> how do you say, i love the yu ming school? [ non-english language ] >> from across the bay to around the world... >> ♪ rolling down this trail ♪ >> the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ [ music ] company k captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's thursday, december 13. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:31. a developing story on the peninsula a deadly accident
5:31 am
blocking a lane on the san mateo bridge. >> let's get to gianna now with an update. >> all right. thank you very much. at one point they were hoping to have lanes cleared by 5:30 but as you can see in our live shot here, lanes are still shut down. the right lane completely closed westbound 92 just as you head into foster city on the san mateo bridge. now, this was an accident reported around 3:30 this morning involving two vehicles an suv and a sedan. one woman was pronounced dead at the scene. and the investigation is under way. right lane closed until 6:00. it is still a very active scene. what this means for your morning drive as you can see traffic is getting by in the two left lanes but it is still very slow and go and we are starting to see extra volume as you work your way westbound 92 coming out of hayward across the flats to the high-rise. it's more where the accident is. use the dumbarton bridge or bay bridge as alternates. use bart to get across the bay
5:32 am
as well from hayward but there are delays on the pittsburg-bay point line 10 to 15 minutes in both directions. back to you guys. >> thank you. a bay area cop who bragged about speeding through the broadway tunnel at 100 miles per hour is now changing his story. it's prompting an investigation. >> cbs 5 reporter elizabeth wenger is in san francisco on the street where the video was recorded. good morning. >> reporter: yeah. it's kind of crazy stuff. it's heating up the internet this morning. as you mentioned, that san francisco police officer appears to say that he was driving his car through the broadway tunnel 100 miles per hour in a lamborghini. so now he is changing his story. there was no attempt to be discreet. let's check the video what he posted in september. [ engine revving ]
5:33 am
it was first obtained by sfist. it appears to show him driving 100 miles per hour in the almost bore good evening any through the broadway tunnel in a matter of seconds. there is no way to identify who was driving but in the comments section of his facebook page, he even brags, quote, we were all drunk. now, folks we showed the video to were mostly shocked. >> not too smart. >> there were no cars in there? i would describe this simply as driving with purpose. >> reporter: so the officer is changing his tune. he told a weekly newspaper that he wasn't actually the one driving. they were never going 100 miles per hour. and that whole drunk comment that he made, well, that was just a joke. so the facebook video has been taken down. in fact, his entire facebook page has been deleted. when we contacted the san francisco police department, they say they are investigating the matter. needless to say. that's live from here in san
5:34 am
francisco. back to you guys. >> thank you. a bicyclist is recovering in a hospital after colliding with a street sweeper vehicle in san francisco overnight. the accident happened after midnight at 6th and brannan streets. police say the cyclist was trapped underneath the cleaning truck. the man has some injuries but is expected to recover. we get some new details this morning about the lockdown of a southern california college campus. the lockdown at cal state fullerton was just lifted before hid night. at least one suspect ran on the campus following a police chase yesterday afternoon. that's when the lockdown was ordered. students were told it could last all night but it was lifted about 8 hours ago. the chase came after a robbery and shooting at a jewelry store. check out the video. the pursuit covered three counties and ended with a crash near that fullerton campus. two suspects still at large but three others are under arrest. one of them you can see him
5:35 am
here ran out on a baseball diamond as was arrested. the los angeles police chief was at a toy giveaway there. the suspect saw dozens of officers and finally surrendered. an outside compliance director will be assigned to oversee the oakland police department. the move approved by a federal judge stopped short of a complete federal takeover of the department although that is still a possibility. the compliance director will help opd implement reforms required by the settlement of a 12-year-old civil rights lawsuit. governor brown's administration is pulling the state out of a $10 million public relations contract involving the bay bridge. caltrans signed the contract with a san francisco firm in august but the "sacramento bee" reports the agency that oversees caltrans decided it was not a wise way to spend taxpayer money and canceled the deal. the governor will be busy through the holidays going through radiation therapy. the 74-year-old is being
5:36 am
treated now for prostate cancer. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is over at ucsf this morning. that's where the governor is undergoing treatment. he joins us with the latest. >> reporter: for the next month, governor brown will receive daily radiation treatments here at ucsf medical center. his office announced yesterday that he is battling early stage prostate cancer. they say it has not spread and has a very high cure rate. the 74-year-old governor will keep his full work schedule during his treatments and doctors say there should not be any serious side effects. the governor was treated for skin cancer last year. these illnesses are common with age. the governor will receive radiation treatments at ucsf medical center and is not expected to have serious side effects. >> monday through friday, each day for about 10 minutes a day the treatments are painless. he comes in, lays on the table with a linear accelerator, gets the treatment and doesn't feel
5:37 am
anything from it. it doesn't slow him down in that way. >> reporter: doctors say his chances for recovery are excellent. the treatment should be complete by the week of january 7th. that's just in time for him to deliver his state of the state address and also unveil his new budget proposal. live in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. 5:37. it is cold out there. >> it's cold in here. cold outside. get used to it >> you know what? almost winter. >> yeah. >> it's feeling like it right? feels good! >> yay. >> inspiring. frosty would be proud of the start to our day today. we are going to see a lot of frost showing up i think in some of the valleys as the temperatures are hovering around freezing in spots and probably just below in some of the wind sheltered valleys. a lot of cold air behind the cold front that slid through yesterday and that's where we're at now so a chilly start to the day. out the door mostly clear skies. these temperatures getting cool. 35 degrees in concord. 34 in livermore. hovering just above freezing at
5:38 am
33 in santa rosa even 39 degrees in san jose. this afternoon, we'll see a lot of sunshine outside. it's going to stay dry. temperatures will be cool only in the 50s. we have more rain in the forecast looks like a very active weather pattern coming up. we'll talk about that coming up. a former sf giants executive whose daughter was among five people killed in april says errors by the vessel's captain caused the tragedy off the farralon islands. the suit targets boat owner james bradford one of the three survivors. the filing claims that captain alan cahill allegedly cut corners when he sailed the 38- foot low-speed chase into a dangerous area that other boats avoided during the full crew farralons race. we are learning more about the recent odd behavior of the portland mall shooter. a friend and former classmate telling the "huffington post" the 22-year-old jacob roberts
5:39 am
was upset over a breakup. the friend says roberts thought his ex was pregnant. there are reports roberts recently quit his job and wanted to move to hawaii, as well. meanwhile the victim's families and friends are speaking out. about their loss. >> cindy was an amazing hospice nurse. she spent her life helping other people transition to the end of life and cindy yuille's family never got to say good- bye. >> 54-year-old cindy yuille was a hospice nurse, 45-year-old steven forsyth ran a business at the mall. and 15-year-old cristina shevchenko is said -- kristina shevchenko is said to be recovering well in a portland hospital. the shooter didn't know any of his victims. a british coroner officers confirms it was suicide that took the life of a nurse who was dupe need a radio hoax involving the pregnant duchess of cambridge. the report confirms the nurse was found hanging in her room. there were also three suicide notes there. the nurse had fallen for a prank by two radio hosts from
5:40 am
australia who impersonated members of the royal family. after weeks on the run, software tycoon john mcafee is back in the u.s., arriving in miami international airport yesterday after being kicked out of guatemala for entering the country illegally. mcafee snuck into guatemala to escape being questioned by police in belize on his neighbor's murder. no one knows where he is and what he plans to do next. "fiscal cliff" christmas could be the new warning as negotiations come to a screeching halt once again. >> plus go-kart gone wild. the stunt caught on tape putting drivers in danger. >> and a live look from beverly hymns. the golden globe nominees will be announced right now. we'll update you when we come back. rs. happening right now:
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(ad lib) jessica alba, megan fox and ed helms are e happening right now the golden globe nominations are going on in bevel hills. we just saw a few presenters up there including jessica alba and megan fox and ed helms.
5:44 am
>> sally field from lincoln nominated for best actress. she was fabulous. if you haven't seen it. daniel day-lewis is amazing in that show, lincoln. anne hathaway is nominated. les mis isn't even in the theaters and already nominated for a golden globe. more on tha coming up. the "fiscal cliff" is fast approaching but the stalemate in washington continues. the white house is still demanding tax hikes on the top 2%. president obama did lower the amount from 1.6 to $1.4 trillion. republicans say that's not good enough. they are holding out for cuts to programs like social security. >> we'll stay here right through the new year and make sure we resolve this in an acceptable way for the american people. >> the fed chair ben bernanke
5:45 am
says just the threat of a "fiscal cliff" is already creating uncertainty in the economy. and that is not good for the stock market. "fiscal cliff" negotiations though are throwing a wrench into year end tax planning, as well. >> but there are plenty of actions to take starting with changes of tax laws that expire at the and of the year. jill schlesinger, editor at large for joins us now with information on tax laws that expire at the end of the year. >> good morning. >> first start with people trying to reduce their mortgage debt. >> reporter: this is really interesting because homeowners who have restructured their mortgage debt since the housing crash have enjoyed a big benefit. no tax on the amount of debt that was reduced or forgiven. if we go back before the recession if a lender agreed to reduce principal or release you from a mortgage obligation, it was considered income. starting next year any debt discharge will be considered income and you're going to owe taxes on whatever was owed on
5:46 am
the forgiven amount so here's your year end tip. if you are work on a loan modification or a short sale, try like the dickens to get it didn't by this year because you might be able to save tax money. >> what's the deal with deducting medical expenses? >> well, right now, unreimbursed medical expenses which can include health insurance premiums are deductible as long as they are over 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. your agi is that bottom right hand corner on the front page of your tax return. the affordable care act increases that threshold up to 10% this year except if you are over 65 so your year end tip try to accelerate medical expenses into this year. so get on the phone and get that appointment with your doctor. >> good advice. education savings? >> right now, the aggregate annual contribution limit to a
5:47 am
coverdell education savings account is $2,000 per beneficiaryry. next year, it's supposed to go down to $500. if you are planning to give maybe two different gifts lump them together push it into this year. for more year end tax begins to we are rolling them out for the next week and a half or so. >> thank you, jill schlesinger, editor at large for have a great day. >> you, too. let's check the roads with gianna. gianna, you have been look all morning at this fatal accident on the san mateo bridge. >> yeah. it's been there since about 3:30 this morning. chp is still on scene. the investigation is under way. in fact, we have a photographer live at the scene here and you can see we're actually starting to see some changes of the scene. they have tow crews there. looks like they were able to tow away one vehicle involved in this accident. again, this is a fatal accident a woman has died at the scene. let's go to chopper now live overhead and you can see what this is doing to traffic right now. the right lane is closed. this is west 92 coming into the
5:48 am
peninsula towards foster city. we are seeing a bit of a backup as you approach the scene. look at that a line of dollars behind that accident. speeds less than 30 miles per hour as you work your way across the flat section headed towards the high-rise. no word as to when the right lane would be open. chp was hoping 6:00 but that's about 10, 12 minutes away. we'll keep you updated on that. nice st. peter's on the dumbarton speeds on the dumbarton bridge, a good alternate. the bay bridge is a good alternate, as well. a couple of other things brewing. north 880 and washington two right lanes shut down for late running roadwork may cause delays. north of there towards the maze no delays. bart delays, 10- to 15-minute delays pittsburg to bay point in both directions. that may slow you down as well
5:49 am
this morning and real quick a live look at the bay bridge right now. use the bay bridge to get across the bay. metering lights are off. looks like a bit of a backup see this could change within the next few minutes? >> it will be dry out the door. we are expecting good weather. but we are also seeing some very high tides out there. the king tides continuing to cause problems. some folks park their cars in some of the parking lots yesterday only to come back to see that the water had rolled in. in the meantime, we have a lot of clear skies behind the cold front that moved on through yesterday and brought us showers. and this cold air making for a frosty start to the day. if you are headed out the door grab a jacket. it's going to be cold this morning and cool throughout the day. it should be mostly sunny into the afternoon. and guess what? we have some more rain on the way. we could see some as early as tomorrow. outside right now, nice and
5:50 am
clear out over the bay. a bit chilly, though, expecting some widespread frost in some of the val lips. these temperatures, boy, hovering just above freezing in santa rosa at 3339 in san jose. 42 in san francisco. and 34 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon, we are going to keep things cool as we have that trough that's moved in along the west coast ushering in the cold air from the gulf of alaska. you can see that next storm could affect the bay area as early as tomorrow. no delays expected at sfo. we are expecting mostly sunny skies there. across the country not too bad. 65 degrees in houston. about 52 degrees a few clouds into denver. 48 in chicago. mostly sunny and 48 degrees in new york. let's time out this next storm. mostly clear today. tomorrow looks like a chance of showers. the main low off the coast. so most of the moisture going to skirt the coast. so yeah, looks like just kind of a swing as it moves right on by the bay area and then it moves out of town but more rain expected as we get into saturday and sunday. temperatures expected to be in the 50s all around the south bay today and along the coastline. 50s into the east bay as well
5:51 am
and as you get inside the bay, we'll keep those temperatures cool, mainly into the 50s. next couple of days looks like back to an active and possibly wet weather pattern. not only tomorrow, but right into the weekend. and well into next week, guys how about that? >> we'll take it. if this story if it wasn't so serious it may make you laugh a bit but the reality is, this mystery go-kart driver is putting himself and others in danger. watch as the driver avoids spinning out in oncoming traffic on one of sydney's busiest roads and he is wearing little safety gear maybe just a helmet. he calmly recovers and keeps cruising surging ahead of cars as cameras just keep rolling. the driver could face significant fines or nine months -- look at that -- on the wrong side of the road -- nine months it jail. >> they are in australia. >> don't want to do that. be safe. >> not good. this is good, though. 5:52. the boss, bon jovi and more. ♪ [ music ]
5:52 am
>> stars rock the house to help the victims of superstorm sandy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
a fatal accident is in the clearing stages of the san mateo bridge. traffic is recovering. the accident is cleared. back to you. say good-bye to those extra loud tv commercials. starting today, blaring commercials that are much louder than the show you're watching are banned. this after the fcc barred the practice saying the ads must maintain the same volume as the programs they accompany. loud commercials have been one
5:55 am
of the leading complaints to the fcc since it first started reporting them back in 2002. ♪ [ music ] >> that's the boss. there is paul mccartney too getting the place rocking at madison square garden last night. it was all part of a star- studded evening to benefit those hit hard by superstorm sandy. >> alisha keys, the rolling stones were there bon jovi, eric clapton and others lighting up the stage hoping to raise money for funds for those that were hit hardest by the way. it's topped $80 million. >> a little relief. music relief last night. >> raises money for them and entertaining, too. the golden globe nominations were announced a few minutes ago.
5:56 am
>> the nominees announced this morning for best picture. i'm surprised lincoln didn't make it. >> i haven't seen any of those. >> me neither. >> get out to the movies. >> a little work to do. coming up, the $10 million deal for the new bay bridge that's being called a waste of money. also ahead... >> a san francisco cop posts on facebook about a drunken joyride and it's now burning. the internet. we'll show you that video and talk about what could happen next. >> and new clues about the oregon mall gunman's bizarre behavior. what he told friends leading up to the shooting. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
this morning: how his storys changing. and: a cal state lockdown lifted: but the manhunt continues. after you sergeant accused

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